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DVD - Down & Out: Bad Libs: Vol. 2
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We continue our exploration of hybrid MMA drilling combining all ranges/modes of the fight into one cohesive whole.  This high intensity volume also serves as some major conditioning as the up/down nature keeps the pace intense.  We blend that into Double Leg vs. Boxing options.  We add Natural Boxing Lead stops to the Double-Leg.  We show how to Surge out of a thwarted Double to regain the feet.  Next, we cut an opponent down with Outside Hooking to Knees (and why never Inside Hooking for a Rear Knee).  Once the opponent is cut down we hit a standing sub chain of the Hook Chancery, Improved Guillotine Choke (move akin to a crank, and far faster), and then the New School Guillotine.  We hit a Wedge, the only Guillotine Beat you'll ever need.  Next, how to use a Greco-Roman Crook Lift to abandon the failed Guillotine and run to the natural Dirty Boxing follow-ups.  Back to Shooting vs. Boxing.  Then we block shots, using Dragging footwork and then hit a counter-shot.  Dropped man then hits a Bottom Scissors (gasp) but fires directly into a Switch.  Pit Drag and Go-Behind.  The cherry on top?  A ripping high-percentage DWL.  This chain is 20 links deep in all and once you've followed along with the contact-protocol on the printed syllabus included with this volume you'll be firing this double-deuce chain in under 10 seconds.  I'll say it again, this form of hybrid drilling will raise your game (and conditioning) to whole new levels.