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DVD - The Game-Changer: Elevation, Torque & Head/Neck Attacks
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This is a stand alone volume on the subject of Head/Neck Attacks.  We take all the standard Head/Neck Attacks and demonstrate that two tweaks (Two is all you need.) can take any Head/Neck Attack from an already fearsome offense, to a shocking new level.  We introduce the fundamental keys of Elevated Griping and Attacking Torque.  With only these two keys properly understood, you turn the entire head into a target.   No longer will you need to maneuver for the back for the Rear Naked Choke.  No longer will you even need to work under the chin (this includes the Sleeper as well).  Elevated Gripping and Attack Torque are so vital that positioning is your least concern.  Just to make sure all our bases are covered we'll take the two fundamentals and run them through 14 Head/Neck Attack permutations: Post-Chanceries (even tighter now), Hook Chanceries (ditto),  The Strangler Chancery (manna), The Guillotine (One change in grip and one inch movement in the elbow and it won't matter if their arm is included or not.), Sleeper (The 1-2-3 set-up is shockingly fast.), Reverse Levers, Palm-to-Palm Chokes, Knuckle Jams (These are all over the place.), Cobras, Shoulder Chokes, Shoulder Traps (arm in and out), Baseball Chokes, Scissors Chokes.  These 14 are all significantly tweaked, but if you concentrate on the first 8 alone your life is going to be, oh, so much easier.