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DVD - Breaking Down the Clinch: Vol. 1
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We take the most highly utilized Clinch in MMA and analyze it in great detail.  Often clinch-work is simply two antagonists pummeling with no rhyme or reason, or if it's in the later rounds, doing a bit of leaning and hoping.  We use this volume to show that as soon as the Clinch is assumed there are two primary attack/defense theories that must be understood before any successful offense/defense is mounted--Wing Theory and the Tail-Feather principle.  With these ideas firmly in mind the game becomes infinitely easier as the overall goal-sets can be envisioned clearly.  We will also demonstrate how to "knee-proof" the Clinch with movement, not stance.  We'll show how Under-Hook Elbow placement can foil Swims, and how a slight change in Over-Hook Pressure means all the difference in the world.  The key is not in gripping your opponent's elbow or triceps (as a matter of fact, that's the last thing you want to do; you're merely assisting him).  We introduce goal-sets into pummeling to keep Wing & Tail-Feather Theory to the forefront of your mind.  We break standard pummeling into 2 key components, the Swim and the Dip.  (The Dip is vital--if you've ever lost a pummeling war because of size and strength disparity, the Dip will most likely cure what ails you).  We then seat these principles with a series of drills, Shooting Body Locks (both high and low).  We'll show how to add Shoulder Dips to the Standard Dip to hit a Go-Behind without shrugging or Duck-Unders, and how to uproot with Twists.  And we'll go offensively defensive by attacking your opponent's Swim with Crook Lift Drills and the last ditch Under-Hook & One-on-One which with as little drilling time as 10 five minute rounds will be easily in your grasp.  These fundamentals and prescribed drills take the essential Clinch position in MMA and bump it from seemingly mindless leaning or arm-transfers to the upright chess match that it is.