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DVD - Down & Out Drills: Vol. 3
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This volume blends striking into shooting into groundwork for one comprehensive drilling experience.  Volume 3 can be utilized in isolation from the previous 2 volumes.  This volume covers the Arm-Included Guillotine.  Yes, the Head-Only Guillotine is ideal and a must know submission as it falls into the top 4 successful submissions in MMA competition, but we've got to face facts.  Out of the last 640 professional MMA bouts, 23 ended with a Head-Only Guillotine and 9 ended with an Arm-Included Guillotine.  The numbers don't sound very compelling, do they?  Only 9 finishes with the Arm Included; why waste your time with such a low-percentage hook?  The 23 Head-Only Guillotine finishes came from 52 attempts.  The 9 Arm-Included came from 73 attempts.  Still not compelling?  The data tells us that as competition moves to the elite level it will be harder and harder to hook a Head-Only Guillotine as athletes are better about snaking an arm inside.  It also tells us that the Arm-Included presents itself more often and that if we apply a bit of focus to this increasingly likely scenario we can move the Arm-Included Guillotine higher in the rankings (as a matter of fact, we'll demonstrate why the Arm-Included Guillotine just might be the safer way to go both in an offensive and defensive sense).  This volume will open with a boxing flow chain that leads us into a Collar & Over-Hook Snapdown to feed us into the Arm-Included domain.  From there we provide two grip options The Cinch and the Grind-Up that tighten up this position.  We then start exploring what to do with that included arm if we encounter a guillotine failure (and no, the Coil Lock/Omaplata isn't the answer; zero finishes out of 38 attempts in 640 fights).  Instead we will go tighter and safer, as being on your back in an MMA environment will get you pounded.  We will run Whizzers, Step-Outs, Nelsons, Switches, Tilts, Go-Behinds, Head-Scissors, Drags, Arm Bars, DWLs, and Gut Wrenches in their tightest incarnations to either get a smarter more efficient submission or bail you off of your back.  This chain is 21 links deep; 42 once you flip it.