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DVD - Down & Out Drills: Vol. 2
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Presents an entirely new chain along with the Loop Insert Principle.  This ambitious chain is 21 links deep (42 once you flip it).  We open with a bang-per-bang boxing flow (punches in bunches, folks; that's what wins fights).  We then flow directly into Feinting the Double-Leg (or taking it with a faulty response).  We Feint the Shoot, because everybody's got a sprawl--we take that Sprawl Response and set an Under-Hook that we then exploit with an Under-Hook and Post, Outside Knee, and proceed from there into one of the most common MMA situations, Bar & Chancery (Guillotine in common parlance).  We'll run this position down from the Top-Side game through 4 Counter-for-Counter Subs (all high percentage and high likelihood defensive responses).  We then plug in the Loop Insert Principle--we take that Bar & Chancery (Guillotine) and run it through the second most common, successful sub in UFC Competition--the Bottom Scissors Chancery (Guard Guillotine).  We pop it through a few permutations that you don't often see, but that are there all the time (Hint: They are all dependent on shoulder exposure--both of your shoulders down equals this response; attacking shoulder down equals this, attacking shoulder up equals this).  With this shoulder exposure flow down, this already high-percentage technique rises up in the ranks.  (Of course, we will follow his defensive movements as well from each of the shoulder exposures.)  There it is, 21 links deep, 42 with the flip.  Zero compartmentalization, zero dubious "cross-training," all one solid flow reflective of actual competitive circumstances from start to finish.