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DVD - Down & Out Drills: Vol. 1
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Down & Out Drills are devised to show how to chain/tie all the pragmatic aspects/ranges of the fight into one free-flowing whole.  Down & Out Drills begin with striking work that utilizes the offense/counter/re-counter formula then moves into the arena of shooting and takedown stuffing, then to ground control before running to ground 'n' pound, and then finishing off with submission work.  All of these aspects are constructed in a tiered 1-2-3/A-B-C fashion that teaches range, blending in one seamless session that can be inculcated in a minimum of a dozen 5-minute rounds.  Down & Out Drills are ideal for those who seek efficiency in training and want to see all MMA facets tied into a cohesive, pragmatic whole.  Down & Out Drills Vol. 1 begins with 7 rounds of Striking/Counter-Striking work and then proceeds into how to stuff a clinch-reach turning it into an MMA-ready Collar & Elbow Tie-Up (not the Standard Collar & Elbow which should be discarded in striking arenas).  This modified tie-up is then used to educate Overhook Snapdown Transitions that flow into Ground-Control Go-Behinds.  The Go-Behinds feature the specific handwork necessary to stave off your opponent's Single-Leg Reaches or easy roll to Guard.  The Ground Go-Behind then blends to a Jam Ride to immediate Ground Hooking (of the striking variety) and then transitions to the Natural Rotary Tilt--Float--and Cross-Body Sub Attack Position.  Run this first volume of Down & Out in both the positive and mirror version and you've got 22 rounds that when run to speed, starts preparing fight-ready athletes.  This volume of RAW, as always, comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook--the syllabi for Down & Out Drills are of vital importance as they contain additional info to keep these drills popping.