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DVD - Cradles: The Master Series Vol. 4
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This volume features one attacking cradle (and one only), the Far-Side Rotary Cradle.  Of course, we'll hit all the in's and out's of how to set it up and execute this cradle, but for those who have been hankering for some evil hooks on top of the cradle attacks, well, here they are.  Once we get the details of the Far-Side Rotary Cradle out of the way, we get to work learning how to exploit the natural follow-up hooks.  We'll start with the Jerk-Over Series that takes your opponent from flat to a stack in no time flat.  Once we hit the Jerk-Over, we apply Toe Holds, Face Bars, Knee-Pinches, the Shrug-Pinch Jerk-Over variation, Standing Toe Holds, and Step-Over Toe Holds.  Presuming the Jerk-Over vocabulary is made moot by a squirmy opponent, then we run to the Turk Work One-Two which allows you to hit a Turk & Split or a Turk & Chancery.  If we wind up facing someone who thinks they can block your Cradle with a Figure-4 Scissors (which we'll demonstrate) we exploit their "defense" and turn it into a Chin Hook and Turn, another Toe Hold, and a Suicide Knee Pinch.  We then go into how to hit Leg Bars and Knee Pinches from the top-side of this particular cradle.  We also present three quick submissions for an opponent who is successful at firing his leg out of the cradle.