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DVD - Cradles: The Master Series Vol. 3
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We continue to build on our foundations set in the first two volumes and start addressing the realities of scrambling opponents who aren't too sympathetic to your long set-ups.  We'll start with the Loose Ride Cradle and the 8 Steps from Pressure--to Set-Up--to Turning--to Tap.  The Loose Ride Cradle is ideal for those trying to shake-off your Ankle Pick that is stalling his Bottom Scissors/Guard strategy.  Next, we hit the 6 Steps to Far-Side Quick Cradle Mastery.  Quick Cradles are exactly what the name implies; fast mid-scramble hooks that exploit your opponent's step-outs and stand-ups and quickly flop him on his back all tied up in an excruciating position.  Quick Cradles are predictable-pressure dependent, and we will show you how to feed yourself the Quick Cradle you need by where you place your chest.  Next, we hit the 10 Steps to the Near-Side Quick Cradle.  Near-Side Quick Cradles are tools of disorienting beauty as the unexpected elevator leaves your opponent airborne and somewhat clueless as to how he went from a strong base to flight to a crunched package on the mat so swiftly.  Again, Quick Cradles are predicated on reaction time, but this reaction can be preloaded by obeying the laws of chest pressure we lay out on this DVD.