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DVD - Cradles: The Master Series Vol. 2
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We take the fundamentals we built in the last volume and start getting into some nasty work.  First, we correct the Crossface.  In our dealing with many good folks, what we're seeing called a Crossface looks like a Crossface, smells like a Crossface, but it ain't a Crossface.  The Old School Crossface is a one-handed submission in and of itself.  You'll have to let off on the pressure just to use it as a set-up or control.  The key is in the shoulder--once you have this down, it's a game changer.  Next, we cover the 9 Steps to Crossface Cradle Mastery.  Drill these 9 Steps and you'll be hitting the Crossface Cradle no matter what step presents itself as the entry.  These steps are so integral that we hit them in extended, painstaking detail (and we do mean pain).  If the Crossface Cradle is the jab of the cradle series, well that makes the Turk Cradle the cross of the bunch.  The 6 Steps to Turk Cradle Perfection combined with the jab of the Crossface Cradle will provide hooking opportunities at every step of the way.  Once an opponent has been hit with our Old School Crossface, he'll do anything in his power to prevent it from ever happening again--fortunately all of his ways to block the Crossface Cradle sets him up for the Near-Side Cradle.  The entry is just as mean as the Old School Crossface and likely to lead to a tap before you even finish hooking the cradle.  Again, we will drill the 9 Steps to Near-Side Cradle Mastery in detail for, as we all know, the devil is in the details.  We also cover the grip and weight shifts that turn each and every cradle from control/pin position to excruciating submissions.  Throughout the detailed steps of each of these cradles, pay close attention to the submission set-ups that branch out from each numerical position like little tributaries of pain.  Again, the devil is in the details.