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DVD - Cradles: The Master Series Vol. 1
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This begins a little sojourn into the wonderful world of Cradles--keep in mind the name Cradle is mighty inappropriate as Cradles have the opposite effect of an infant's cradle.  An infant's cradle is meant to soothe a crying baby; real Wrestling Cradles are meant to induce tears.  We'll begin by covering all the fundamentals: Near-Side/Inside Cradling, Far-Side/Outside Cradling, the Head-Knee Concept to know when to shoot a Cradle (they're everywhere, not just from the1/4 Position, as the Head-Knee Concept will demonstrate), the Force-Bait-Wait Continuum, the rule of Locking It In and the only 3 grips to be used for Cradling (the others have got to be scrapped).  The next two fundamentals are worth the price of admission alone: Head-Wrap Wrist Placement (and no, it has nothing to do with the cutting-bone) and the Drive-Forward Rule.  Without these two concepts your cradling is all for naught, or you'll be working far harder than you need to.  Next, we move into educating certain breakdowns conducive to setting up your cradles.  We'll hit the Body Lock Jam, the Block Jam, and since we're jamming we'll go ahead and hit the Over-Hook Toe-Hold (the key is in the knee switch).  We'll also Jam to Placing a Single Grape, Jam & Rotary to Inside Wrist Rides, and then go on to demonstrate how the Rotary and Inside Wrist opens the Rip Out Double Wrist Lock 90% of the time, and failing that runs you into a Thigh Cram Hammer and Face Bar.  Your Jam failing you?  Hit the Jaw Chancery and Rotary and life is good again.  Next, we hit Loose Riding, Pry Riding (palm placement is key here), and finish with the Lace Ride, ideal for that squirmy opponent.  These 24 concepts and techniques are the ground floor prep to lock in excruciating Cradles.