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DVD - Neck Crank Lollapalooza
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We start from a Collar-and-Elbow Tie-Up and introduce the Sock 'Em Neck Crank with a little fist assist; we then march into Halch territory (if you haven't been introduced to the Halch yet, think of it as a Snapdown turned up to 11).  From the Halch we then run Hook Chanceries, Post Chanceries, Finger-Hook Chanceries, Bar & Chancery to Flat & Chin Hook Cranks (we've got just what the doctor ordered to remedy those flat crank dilemmas we've been seeing).  We then hit Jaw Hook Roll-Overs, the new improved Back Runner, the streamlined Maximum Crank to three finishes--Flat, Hook, and Reverse Lever Cranks to do a Grip Flip to a wicked 3/4 Drop.  We then transition the Bar & Chancery to a Pop-Over Stocks with one tiny change in hand position and finish with a Standing Strait-Jacket Cram.  All in all, this volume gives you more than what you need to finish from head-to-head while staying on top without pulling guard for a 50/50 Guillotine attempt.