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RAW 068

DVD - Beating the Rear Naked Choke: The Master Series
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We completely break the RAW template here.  RAWs are typically technique heavy (lots of submissions) but here we focus on one thing and one thing only, but...we cover it in minute, excruciating detail.  The Rear Naked Choke.  The Sleeper.  He's got your back; the hooks are in.  We've covered escapes from here before, but before we even launch escape material there seems to be a blurry area where the fundamentals of pre-choke defense and in-choke measures are ignored or seeming y unknown.  RAW 68 breaks down these fundamentals; Posture (and why the chin tuck is wrong), the 2 grips required to survive, and leg position (leg positioning is perhaps the most important aspect of preventing and/or surviving the Rear Naked Choke--master the leg work on  this volume and you'll go a long way towards a safer, tighter defensive game).  Next, we introduce the Live-Arm Concept and why blocking the Live-Arm is of utmost importance.  We then discuss three core leg movements that are initiated simultaneously and go a long way towards shucking hooks immediately: The Tuck, the Pike, and the Knee Pocket.  We address the proper way to reach Shin-Locks (and why they more often than not become prompt Toe-Holds, and what to do with a prompt Toe-Hold once you have it.)  We discuss how to achieve and utilize a Cuddle-Bridge to escape the Choke.  We finish with Thigh-Blocking to Leg-Hooking--this concept will change your defensive game.