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RAW 066

DVD - The Positional Encyclopedia of Submissions Vol. 18: Cross-Body 1st Arm Position: Part 5
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We continue working from the Cross-Body Ride and rising to a Knee-Ride and countering all of the ways your opponent may try to counter/escape. We address Knee Blocking with Dorsal Double Wrist-Locks, Elbow Spikes, Shark Fins, Step-Over Shark Fins from the top, and Fall-Offs to Inside & Outside (this one will tighten no matter where he goes), then we hit 4 varieties of Head-Scissors.  From there we start exploring turning opportunities and shoot Cornering Short-Arm Bars, Far Leg Bars, Far Knee Scissors, Near-Leg Bars and Near-Knee Scissors, and Knee Sneaks.  We then close up by examining options vs. Open and Closed Side Rolling Gambits from the bottom man.  In short, if you've got a Knee-Ride from the Cross-Body Position, you'll find ways to finish here.