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RAWS : RAW 064

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RAW 064

DVD - The Positional Encyclopedia of Submissions Vol. 16: Cross-Body 1st Arm Position: Part 3
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This RAW picks up right where the last volume left off (it can still be used as a stand alone volume).  You combine this material with the previous DWL material, you will be able to chase a DWL into Hell itself.  We cover the DWL Dorsal, the DWL Shark Fin and how not to get rolled, Step-Over Shark Fin Arm Scissors with fall-off follow ups (even if you hit your back, this one separates the elbow f-a-s-t; be careful).  We the hit Straight Leg Scissors, Crooked Leg Scissors, and IMHO the most important variation, the Figure-4 Neck Breaker (it's there every time you're in Dorsal Position).  You have an opponent with a great Shrimp to Half-or-Closed Guard?  Well, you'll need the Flare Step-Over series to keep chasing that DWL--3 submissions-in-one.  Your opponent powering out of the DWL?  No Problem.  Two t-i-g-h-t solutions.  Gripping his trunks to hold-out?  Use this twist and he'll let go ASAP.  Is he using an old school Knee Wedge Beat?  (Not a bad idea, and we show you how to do it right.)  But we show you how to beat it with a Shoulder Rock.