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RAW 063

DVD - The Positional Encyclopedia of Submissions Vol. 15: Cross-Body 1st Arm Position: Part 2
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This volume works as a stand-alone tool or as an adjunct to the Cross-Body work on The Complete Grappler.  On this volume we begin the long road to Cross-Body virtuosity.  Keep in mind the Cross-Body position is not one static tool; opponents (This picks up right where RAW 62 left off; but it can be used as a stand-alone volume.)  We open with a discussion of why some segments of the old school wrestling community consider the Top Wrist Lock a show hold (the main reason being the Lock-Grip Block that we detail on this volume.)  Once you understand this block the TWL will pose far less of a threat to you, but...On this volume we show not one, but two ways to blow through the Lock-Grip Block.  We then move on to a Double-Wrist Lock PhD class many of you have asked for.  We refresh the DWL anatomy lecture here as well as delineate opportunistic DWL grips (this is a dozen techniques in and of themselves); the meat of this material in my mind is the discussion of Elbow Wedge placement.  This little detail adds power (and perhaps more importantly ) pain to the DWL set-up that you should find remedies most all of your DWL hold-out problems.  We then discuss the ins and outs of DWL Step-Overs (when to use them and when not to) and last but not least, a sneaky little Toe-Hold for your strongest DWL hold-out.