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DVD - The Positional Encyclopedia of Submissions Vol. 14: Cross-Body 1st Arm Position: Part 1
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This volume works as a stand-alone tool or as an adjunct to the Cross-Body work on The Complete Grappler.  On this volume we begin the long road to Cross-Body virtuosity.  Keep in mind the Cross-Body position is not one static tool; opponents are live animals and defend Cross-Body from a variety of arm positions.  Rather than have a submission vocabulary that attempts to "force" the submissions we "want," we need to address an approach that exploits the submissions we are given.  With this "gift system" of submissions in mind, we will break the Cross-Body down into Arm References.  On this volume we cover the Double Underhook and 1st Arm Position.  The 1st Arm Position is when you hit your Cross-Body Ride and your opponent keeps his near arm between your bodies and his far arm on the head-side of your head.  (If my descriptors seem a bit confusing see our 1st book in the NHB Series to maybe un-slurry the water.)  Once we've addressed the 1st Arm Position, we discuss the proper way to trap;/keep the desired limbs and then run through 30(!) submissions all from this compact little arena that call for very little change in positional integrity.  (This volume also includes a looooong digression on the Top-Wrist Lock--TWL or Reverse Double-Wrist Lock.)  This volume includes head attacks, a bit of street work, near and far arm attacks, and an easy way to "un-clutch" a gripping opponent.