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RAW 061

DVD - The Positional Encyclopedia of Submissions Vol. 13: The Head & Arm Position: Part 3 (Broken Scarf Hold)
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Included: The Knee Ride , a formidable position, but it does violate positional theory so we've got to nail down how to make it a bit tighter and closer to positional theory adherence-6 ways to flow with the Knee Ride and 5 ways to easy finishers (not counting strikes).  One of these, the Elbow Pump to DWL is subtle, but oh, so useful.  The Jerk-Over Series.  The Broken Scarf Hold allows your opponent a free far-arm which he can use to brace/post for escapes--we need to have a vocabulary to take that arm out of play and/or snap it.  We'll hit Reverse Arm Bars, variations on Dead-Man TWL's and the set-ups appropriate to our opponent's resistance feed (including a nice little trick used by the formidable Verne Gagne).  We'll wind this volume up with an adjustment that makes a Sit-Out Stocks from this position more than just a show-hold.  We're 22 moves deep on this volume alone.