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RAW 060

DVD - The Positional Encyclopedia of Submissions Vol. 12: Arm Bar Helpers/Catch Position: Part 4--Head & Shoulder Position: Part 2
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We continue with the Catch & Release series (Arm Bar Helpers) and run Leg Poppers, Thigh-Overhook Assists, Top SAS's from the back, Double-Crosses, Shin Crams, and Twist Rolls.  Then we move on to Wedge Chokes, and a brief digression on the Straight Head Scissors and the Figure-4 Head Scissors (Triangle Choke).  We also cover the subtle, but vital, Scissors Shove.  We then bring this volume back to the Head & Shoulder position (Broken Scarf Hold) and cover Near-Side Neck Bracers, Reverse Saddle-Ups, Forced Cobras and the natural chain that this grip opens up.