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RAW 059

DVD - The Positional Encyclopedia of Submissions Vol. 11: Catch & Release: Part 3
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Among material covered: First, I rectify some previous instruction and go into excruciating detail regarding Short-Arm m Scissors, Figure-8 Arm Scissors, and Snake Knots; we cover the Far Short Arm Scissors and the way to pop the opponent onto his near-side.  We then cover special grip breaks: near and far bar grip breaks, strategies against tombstone holdouts (arms folded across chest) including the unusual compression submission, the tiny details that allow you to secure ankle, knee, and hip locks from the Cross-Body Arm Bar position easily and not merely make a grab or bum rush for an iffy position, Shin Cram Trach Work vs. a bridging opponent.  Your arm bar going to hell and want to know how to abandon it and gain your opponent's back?  The Twist & Rise is the answer, also among the 21 techniques is a wicked little Leg Nelson to torque that knee.