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RAWS : RAW 058

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RAW 058

DVD - The Positional Encyclopedia of Submissions Vol. 10: Catch & Release: Part 2
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On RAW 57 we covered the proper way to Leg Ride an arm bar and started the gamut of solutions.  This one continues that path with the TWL-breaks, an in-depth look at how to hit the old school staple, the Bottom Short Arm Scissors (SAS)--remember how we've discussed why we don't want to hit the Top SAS?  If you don't, we'll remind you why with the easy counter, and then we'll show you two ways to add that Top SAS back into your vocabulary.  We then hit Figure-8 Arm Scissors ,both top and bottom versions.  And, as if this hard-hitting pretzel weren't enough, we'll cover how to turn that into a Snake-Knot and pop that elbow completely.  We'll also cover Hip Blocking, Leg Poppers, Self-Stacking, and how these can lead to Leg Bars and Knee Scissors all while you're shooting for that Arm Bar.