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RAW 057

DVD - The Positional Encyclopedia of Submissions Vol. 9: Catch & Release: Part 1
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This stand alone volume is the first in our series on Catch & Release.  (Your opponent is blocking your arm bar with gripped hands and/or bridge and roll techniques.)  We start with the Cross-Body Arm Bar itself and show you how to leg-ride an arm bar hands free, then we tweak the arm bar (the thumb up/little finger down business is over-rated), then we will use a variety of ground 'n' pound solutions and then show the mechanical weaknesses of these solutions and why they may not be the best bet.  Next, we run Sliders, Bucks, Slap "n" Pops, SAS's, and a nice chain that turns any arm bar into a DWL 100%er.  There are 20 techniques total on this DVD (the leg ride section alone is worth the price of admission.)