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DVD - Punishing Headlocks
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Headlocks vs. Head-Holds, The Punisher Grip, The Choke Up Grip, The Hip Shift, Standing Punisher Grip Headlock, Standing Choke Up Grip Headlock, Standing Punisher to Drag, Standing Choke Up to Drag, Standing Punisher Grip Headlock with Cross-Buttock Throw, Standing Choke Up Headlock with Cross-Buttock Throw, Mat Punisher, Mat Choke Up, Standing Far Arm Headlock, Mat Far Arm Headlock, Whipback Far Arm Headlock, Mat Far Arm Whipback Headlock, Standing Near Arm Headlock, Mat Near Arm Headlock, Near Arm Headlock, Near Arm Whipback, Head and Double Arm Headlock, Reverse Head and Double Arm, Chin Hook/Neck Brace, Whipback Chin Hook/Neck Brace, Face Bar.