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DVD - Head & Arm/Scarf Hold Escapes
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Shuck and Duck, Shuck and Duck to Short Arm Bar, Shuck and Duck to Neck/Head Attack, Shuck and Caught on Back Pressure Choke, Frame to Crooked Leg Scissor, Frame to Underarm Bar, Frame to Short Arm Bar, Hognose to Crooked Leg Scissors, Hognose to Underarm  Bar, Hognose to Short Arm Bar, Leg Gook to Hammerlock Crawl, Leg hook to Sit-Out Partner Belly Down Arm Bar, Leg Hook 2-on-1 Pullover, Bridge and Roll vs. the Tuck, Hognose to Rocking Sit-up, Rocking Sit-up to Force Back Bridge and Roll, Windmill to Knees to Hammerlock, Windmill to Partner Belly Down Arm Bar, Windmill to Pullover vs. Tucked Opponent, Flat Windmill.