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RAWS : RAW 220

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RAW 220


The Black Box Project 7
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The Black Box Project 7: “Floating Cages”/Clinch Hellaciousness/The Ground Correlate/Mark’s Candy Corner/Frontier Trade-Knife
Mark Hatmaker

The Street Dentistry Parlor
Knuckle-Busting Versus Body-Shots: The Floating Cage
* Jack London on This Borrow from Battle Royale aka “The Interposing Elbow”
* Standard Body-Block Position: Forearm Caging
* Standard Forearm Caging Drill—The Catch-All
* The Battle Royale “Interposing Elbows” Floating Cage
* Fluid Shoulders and “The Wise Drift”
* The Floating Cage vs. Straights
* The Floating Cage vs. Hook Angles
* The Floating Cage vs. Uppercut Angles
* Incorporating High-Line Knuckle Busting [RAW 219] & The Floating Cage

The “Dirty Dog” Parlor [Low-Line Frontier Kicking]
Three from The Lumberjack Scufflin’ Tradition
* The Sharp-Shod
* The Instep-Shin-Juncture
* The Spiked Skid
* The Spiked Skid + The Shove
* The Spiked Skid + “The Maul”
* Rossing
* Rossing into Sharp-Shods
* Rossing into Spiked Skids

Upright Scufflin’ Hellaciousness
Getting Into the Single-Underhook: From Outside to Inside
o [We build on the Street Single-Underhook detailed on RAW 219/Black Box 6]
o The Bucksaw Drag as Clinch-Bait
o Inverted Grips & Pit-Drags as Clinch-Bait
o The Foolhardiness of Shallow Drags [You’ll need this for Frontier Trade-Knife]
o Ease of Drag Loss
o Poor Fulcrum
o Flaring from the Proto-Clinch
o Jerk to Wedge Exposure from the Street Collar & Elbow Clinch

Ground Scufflin’ Hellaciousness
Bottom Scissors Single-Underhook Ground “Throws” Variations
o Builds directly on RAW 219/Black Box 6
o The Mechanics of Vertical Throwing hold for the Horizontal, we simply must adjust applications here and there.
o Important: These are all offered in linear operational terms. Follow them ABC/123 and you will get your reversal.
o Dealing with Corkscrew Failures
o The Cross-Step Corkscrew Throw vs. Smother
o The False Lateral Drop vs. an Exiting Opponent
o The “False Outside Trip” vs.  an Exiting Opponent & Lost Far-Arm Control
o The False Inside Trip” vs. a Rising Exiting Opponent & Lost Far-Arm

Mark’s Snappin’ Submission Candy Corner
o Street Collar & Elbow Snap to Front Head & Arm-Control
o BTW-Works just fine for Short Offense.
o Turn the Corner Head-Pop Breakdown
o Near-Side Non-Turning Cradle
o To Overleg Non-Turning Cradle
o To Cradle Crunch
o Turning the Shoulders is never in the cards here, Crew—We’re looking for snaps not points or pins.
o The Cradle-Crunch not mean enough for you? Then hit the next move but….only in slow-motion drill. Period. The name is no joke.
o The Man-Killer

Vicious Weaponry: Frontier Trade-Knife & Tomahawk
Two-Stances, Not, One
This ain’t fencing and a trade-knife ain’t a sword, a foil, a saber, nor a rattan stick.
o The Offensive Lead
o “Stepping Into It”
o “Drawing Into It”
o The Knee-Bend
o The Pivot
o The Lead Hand
o [We’ll alter the wording but…] “Hand on your…”
o Advancing Shoulders

o Tomahawk Version aka “You Have a Bigger…”

o The Defensive Lead

o Tomahawk Version

o Walking the Two Stances
o Walking the Stances w/ Grip-Drift
o The “Hawk”
o The Spine
o The Skinner
o The Digger

o “Why So Low?”
o We’re killing not counting coup.

ESP RAW 220 can be had this month for $32 (S & H included--Domestic & International) at the end of the month the price goes to $42 Domestic/$52 International. (Of course, it's only $26.50 for the RAW Crew-- Join the Crew and save some moolah! For details on how to do that and never miss a Black Box volume + get some freebies, see here.)