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The Black Box Project 4
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The Complete Syllabus for Black Box 4.

To keep the material in the paying hands of the pony-up cadre, as this research ain’t cheap, no freebie video, but…

I do offer a sneak peek at the entire 4-page syllabus below.

And if you are wondering, “What exactly is this whole Black Box Project thing?” See here.

BTW-Trust me, do not assume that a familiar term or tactic listed is the same-o, same-o. Indeed, it is not.

The Black Box Project 4: True Crosses & Double-Crosses, Smoke-Kicking 101, How to View the Real Groundfight with a Smidge of Anti-JJ, and Tomahawk Hooking
Mark Hatmaker

Street Dentistry: The One True Cross & “The Two Double-Crosses”
·       The True Cross & It’s Mislabled Counterfeits
·       The True Cross Trigger [The true cross responds to one and only one trigger.]
·       A True Cross is a “Simple” not a riposte—Definitions and Differences

Executing The True Cross
·       Reading the Trigger
·       The Step & The “Simple” Guard-Assist
·       The Punch Trajectory
·       Elbow Position in Impact
·       The Importance of the Straight Lead Leg
Double Crosses
·       Definition
·       Why they were used.
Double Cross #1: The No-Step
·       Hip Position & The “Simple” Guard-Assist
·       The Punch Trajectory
·       Elbow Position in Impact
Double Cross #2: The No-Cross
·       Hip Position & The “Simple” Guard-Assist
·       The Punch Trajectory
·       Elbow Position in Impact
·       Drilling the Timing so we have a “simple” and not a riposte.

Rough ‘n’ Tumble Kicking: Caulk & Crowd Kicking
·       Definitions
·       “Low Dog” or “Dirty Dog” Kicking for Rough ‘n’ Tumble “Dogfights”
·       “Kwip’u su’anir’u” which loosely translates as “smoke-kicking”
The Short Caulk Kick AKA The “Shin-derizer.”
·       Use by old-school strikers and grapplers.
·       The Short Caulk is a Clinch Weapon
·       Execution
·       Power Throttling vs Balance
·       Cadence [More on this in a mo’.]
Three Drills for Shin-derizing
·       Drop Bag [Solo but less realistic for mimicking the clinch.]
·       Partner + Gear [Realistic but wear and tear leads to “hedging” on both sides.]
·       Partner & “Sack” [An old-school drill that allows us to clinch realistically and deliver with full speed and appropriate power.
·       Kick Cadence: 80 Per Minute [Yeah, you read that right.]
Three Clinch & Kicking Combos to Fuel Fires
·       The Caulking Throw-By or Go-Behind
·       Caulking Knees
·       Caulking & “Crowd” Kicking [“Crowd” Kicks are ideal clinch separators for when the fire is too hot.]

WRESTLING/ANTI-JJ: The Survival/Offensive Continuum
·       You are an All-In Wrestler until…
·       The Two “Until” Positions
Until Strategy
·       Fat Out of Fire Tactics
·       Go On the Offensive [Striking, Ripping, Snapping]
·       Passing is Waaaaaaaay Down the Line
Throwing Shade Against Counter Grappling Options offered By Non-Grapplers
·       Views on Criminally Offensive advice [And I mean that literally, offering “life-preserving” options that will not work is criminal; a gun without a firing pin let alone bullets.]
·       Intellectually Offensive or Tactically Naïve?
·       The “Yeah, well, me, too” Test. [No one has EVER enjoyed this demo.]
Countering Knee/Base Control
·       Pre-Sweep Safety #1
·       + Inertial Strike
·       Pre-Sweep Safety #2
·       + Knee-Pin & Strike
Countering the Deep-Overhook
·       You must follow the order, or you will be choked. Period.
Countering the Body-Pin Deep-Overhook
Countering the JJ Guillotine: The Contrary Crush
Countering the JJ Guillotine: The Wedge

Tomahawk Hooking
·       Hooking, Heeling, Bearding, & Pulling Through defined
·       There is one way to hook
·       The Hazards of Outside hooking
·       The Hazards of Over-Hooking
·       The Lumberjack Objection to Over-Hooking.
·       Warding to assist or bail in failed hooks
·       Bone-Kindling addition to hooking

Old School PT: Wall Walks, The Old School Way
We will provide a single Historical PT Challenge per volume that you can use to spice up training or benchmark yourself to. They all emphasize minimum equipment in these “different” times.
The Iron-Clad Case For Wall-Walks for Combination Fighters
·       Improved Spine Flexibility
·       Core Strengthening [Anterior & Posterior]
·       Shoulder Flexibility
·       Shoulder Strengthener
·       Two-Way Leg Strengthener
·       Performed Correctly, this exercise is cardio.
·       Attributes for grapplers, strikers, and non-firing weapons wielders.
Breaking Down the Old School Wall-Walk
·       Determining Wall-Distance
·       The Stance
·       Sweep NOT Reach
·       The Heel Press [Stability & Strength]
·       Core Control vs. “Fake Wall Walking”
·       Butterfly Fingers
Cadence, Repetitions, & Sets
·       Cadence Demo
·       Suggested Repetitions for Pros, Intermediate Athletes, & and Rookies new to true wall-walking.
·       Aids for athletes new to this part of the game.
·       Suggested Reps/Training Days

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