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The Black Box Project 2: The Street-Dentist Lead Hook, How to Combine Like a Combination Man, Tomahawk Limbing, & Flag-Pole Sitter Squats
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The Black Box Project 2: The Street-Dentist Lead Hook, How to Combine Like a Combination Man, Tomahawk Limbing, & Flag-Pole Sitter Squats

Mark Hatmaker

Defining the Combination Man

  • All-In Pugilism + All-In Wrestling = Rough ‘n’ Tumbler/ “Boombattler”/Combination Man
  • What it Ain’t—A Double-Threat or Dual Sport Athlete
  • What it Ain’t, Part 2-The Fallacy of the “Insoluble Mix”
  • The Vitality & Importance of Irreducible Blends
  • A Dual Sport Athlete is One Thing, a Combination Man is a Different Beast Altogether

Combination Man Blended Stances

  • The Fighting Lead/Power Lead
  • The Casual Square
  • The Square Stance is Only for Wrestling, right? Nope, the Importance of Boxing Squares
  • The Ring & Street Utility of Casual Athletic Position
  • The Myth of Picking “One”
  • The Blend in Street Striking
  • The Blend in Street Wrestling
  • Mixing Metaphors: “Mix Your Medicine”

Arm Position

  • Frontal Alignment: The Box
  • Lateral Alignment: Elbow Pin to Insteps

Upper Body Minus Arms Positioning

  • The Double Shrug & Why the Dueling Shrug is a No-Go for the Street
  • Pectoralis Minor Activation
  • The Chin Tuck

Finding Proper Knee Flexion

  • The Flinch Test aka “The Funhouse Test”

Loading to Correct the Combination Man Stances

  • I can say in all my years of playing this game I have seen no faster correctional/stance re-alignment tool than the following two tests. One round of each of these should correct veteran mistakes or set Rookies off on the right path immediately.
  • Dumbbell Load Test
  • Zercher Load Test

Using Drags to Correct Arm Position

  • How a Combination Man “Reads Elbow Pins”
  • Purposeful Drifts
  • Caught Drifts

Street Dentistry Lesson Two: The Lead Hook

The Striking Surface of the Fist for the Lead Hook

Vertical vs. Horizontal Fists for Hooks

Two More Wall Tests

Two More Push-Ups Tests

  • The Wide-Boy
  • The Roman

Preserving the Street Dentist Striking Surface

Excising the Horizontal Forearm

  • “Why?” #1: More muscle engagement.
  • “Why?” #2: Greater Defensive Coverage
  • “Why?” #3: “Skull-Grooving”
  • “Why?” #4: “Mixing the Medicine”

The Delivery Stance

  • Tank Turret Knee
  • The Rear Drive
  • The Importance of the Inside Shift
    • “Lumberjacking” the Blow
    • Preparation for “Mixing the Medicine”
    • You are NOT Boxing, You are NOT Dueling—You are a Combination Man [More on this in a mo’]

The Hip Point Spike

  • Slamming the Door vs. Spiking the Hip
  • Boxing & Dueling Make Heavy Use of the Door Slam
  • Door Slam Tunneling
  • The Hip Spike or…the Anterior Superior Iliac Spine Direction
  • Fist & Spike Timing

The Lead Foot

  • Floor Contact Point
  • The Hip-Knee-Toe Continuum

The Biceps Whip

  • Fused Elbow?
  • Whipped Fist?
  • The Meld


  • High-Jaw
  • Medium-Liver/Heart/Solar Plexus
  • Low-Groin

Street Combinations


  • “On the two”

Clinch Hooking

How a Combination Man Sees a Hooking Combination

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

Tomahawk Limbing in Woodcraft & Combat

  • The why and how of Woodcraft Limbing.
  • The Reverse Tactics of Combat Limbing
  • The 6 Human Limbing Targets
  • “The Topsy-Turvy 2/3rds Rule”
  • Two Post Drills for the 1/3rd.
  • Four Reverse Drills for the 2/3rds
  • The Importance of the “Tomahawk Punch” Retraction

Old School PT Gut-Check: Flag-Pole Sitter Squats

We will provide a single PT Challenge per volume that you can use to spice up training or benchmark yourself to. They all emphasize minimum equipment in these “different” times. If you choose to participate to measurable standards…

  • Use your first session to record time and/or repetitions.
  • Hit the given challenge 2-3 times per week over the course of a month.
  • Re-test on the last session of week four for comparison with Session One.

This month’s challenge is an old school Combination Man Goldie Flag-Pole Sitter Squats.

Set your timer for 3-minutes and…

  • Hit your maximum Pole Squats at the Proper Cadence
  • Record your reps
  • Repeat 2-3 times per week and compare your 1st day #’s to the final day.