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RAW 204

Rough 'n' Tumble Post-Punching, Lumberjack "Savate," 16-Subs Off the "Exposer" Ride, & Tomahawk Boxing
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Rough 'n' Tumble Post-Punching, Lumberjack "Savate," 16-Subs Off the "Exposer" Ride, & Tomahawk Boxing

A Packed RAW? Hell, yeah!
Read on for the historical goodness.
Boxing/Rough 'N' Tumblewise We take a standard boxing combination and learn to "Post" those punches.
Posting served a three-fold purpose---

One-A quasi-muffling defense buried inside the defense.
Two-A preparation for the almost always present "shove."
Three-A "hand always on" ready for the "clutch."

Again, one combo I bet you already use will make it all clear and reveal the wisdom of posting.

While we're working that "posting" let's add another bit of frontier goodness on the lowline and play with three lowline kicks all meant to fracture metatarsals, snap tibias, and tear knees asunder.

On the Wrestling Archaeology/Renegade Wrestling side of things.
We will introduce the "Exposer Ride" from the Flank- 1/4 Position. This shallow rotary allows you to, well, expose targets and apply your meanness with offensive predictability.

We'll toss in 16-Hooks [for my money he Bulldogs and Headlocks are where it's at.]

And we'l close out with some Tomahawk Boxing.
"Hawk Boxing" is a Drill Set that allows you to upset [putting it lightly] while you re-orient on the back-side of a wide swing or looped chop.

Mark Hatmaker Talks Dorsal Locks, Shark-Fins & Electric Fences

Gotta lot of wild-ass meanness on this volume and more coming up.

[This RAW DVD, like all others, comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook]

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