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Corbett’s Jab, Taking the Back Part 2, & Tomahawk “Toe & Eye” Work
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Corbett’s Jab, Taking the Back Part 2, & Tomahawk “Toe & Eye” Work

Oh, Crew—A tight volume of RAW if I do say so myself.

On the Striking Side of Things, we examine Gentleman Jim’s Jab in-depth and run it through 5-Drill Rounds to seat the lesson of how it was intended to to be used.

[Also included are a sneak peek chapter from our upcoming book Boxing Like the Champs Round Two where we get into the history and thinking behind the use of this speedy jab using Corbett’s own words.]

RENEGADE WRESTLING: Taking the Back Part 2

We continue exploiting the back-ride but here we start going after the canny opponent who has a series of “choke-counters” up his or her rash-guard sleeve.

    We’ll Rock & Roll to Face-Rips vs. Single Neck Blocks
    Crook-Lever “Choke-Yourself” attempts
    Use Triangle Pins vs. Shucks
    DWL Grips vs. the strong
    Double-Trouble Grip Arm-Bars vs. the Very-Strong
    And we’ll start addressing how to work against Hip-Gliders as we advocate in Choke-Proofing.
    This is all mighty technical work, Crew.


We continue educating our Core-Curriculum.

    We’ll add 2 Supplementary Angles to the Woods Clearing set and…
    Begin an exploration of “Toe & Eye” Work and…
    Provide 26 Drills to make Toe & Eye flow fluidly into your Woods-Clearing Chopping.