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Tomahawks, "The Toy Bulldog", Corkscrew Snapdowns & All-One TrianglesCHOKE-PROOFING Part 1
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Tomahawks, "The Toy Bulldog", Corkscrew Snapdowns & All-One Triangles


Let's bring 2019 in strong!

On this volume of RAW...
Boxing/Striking: The Clinchless Clinch
We let Mickey "The Toy Bulldog" Walker provide us with one of his tactics for getting inside and banging the body HARD. If we pay close attention we see how ably it transfers from boxing to the street and most definitely MMA.

Renegade Wrestling Work: The Corkscrew Snap
We take a detailed look at how to add this tool to your Snap & Slither and Snap & Post game. More often than not it provides you with either a Top-Saddle Ride or Two Avenues for Leg-Locks. We explore all here.

Mat-Work: The All-One Triangle
We alter standard triangle engineering for a tighter beast to create a tweaked standard. Pay close attention to this initial lesson for as 2019 advances we will use this as the root of a stout and sturdy tree for bottom-scissors control. This is a rare time where we use "Submission Before Position" to explore an idea in-depth.

Frontier Weaponry: The Tomahawk
We begin our exploration of Frontier weaponry with this vicious implement. [Bowie work and a few surprises to come.]
We open the conversation with the Woodsman's Lesson, a wee discussion of myth-busting to get us on the correct page of killing and out of the weeds of "play-dueling" and talk about what that elbow should be doing throughout

[This RAW DVD, like all others, comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook]

ESP RAW 195 can be had this month for $32 (S & H included--Domestic & International) at the end of the month the price goes to $42 Domestic/$52 International.  (Of course, it's only $26.50 for the RAW Crew--