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RAW 186


Knuckle-Busting & Inside Sit-Outs
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Crew! This RAW is crammed tight with old-school evil.

We pull three strategies frontier Rough & Tumble that opens up your target options and re-wires your striking defense into offensive tools.

We'll break these tactics into three sections: Destroying the Buckler, Aggressive Biting, and Knuckle-Busting.

We'll run 13 drills to start seating these concepts.

On the mat, we'll continue our aggressive bottom scramble game by adding the seldom used Inside Sit-Out to have a two-pronged attack/escape option.
•    We'll discuss why you've got to "go for your gun" or else you'll just get plastered flat.
•    We'll slap some neck cranks on versus likely follows.
•    We'll start adding easy-flow answers to the high likelihood of arm-chops.
•    We'll address several ways to "extend" tight set-belts.
•    And if we can't extend the opponent we'll hit the sit-back, the standard and my favorite, the energy-saving Leg Flare both of which take you from bottom to cross-body lickity-split.

There is some serious violent and historical fun on this volume. As usual it comes with a written syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.

ESP RAW 186 can be had this month for $32 (S & H included--Domestic & International) at the end of the month the price goes to $42 Domestic/$52 International.  (Of course, it's only $26.50 for the RAW Crew.)