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Boxing/Rough & Tumble/Dirty-Boxing/Catch-Jitsu
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Boxing/Rough & Tumble/Dirty-Boxing/Catch-Jitsu

ESP RAW 179 is another jam-packed omnibus volume, we cover Boxing, Rough & Tumble, Dirty Boxing, and some Catch-Jitsu.
Here's a little of what's included.

BOXING-We'll cover the Top Six ways the Rear Straight was used by the old-timers as a counter-blow, we'll give both the Feeder's side of things and the Boxer's side of things.

While we're at it we'll kick in two more old-school counters that old fight films reveal was used almost interchangeably with two of these old tactics.

On the Rough & Tumble side of things we'll work the WHIP which was a common "Hell opener."
We'll get into the mechanics, targets, and offer some friendship-ending wicked ground applications.

- In all, 9 Drills to whip this old tool into shape. Whether Boxing, MMA, Rough & Tumble, or, let's face it, the Street, you've got to have a clinch control game. Here we'll take apart the Outside Russian Control.
- We'll drill why it's more about the head than the grip.
- We'll cover 4 Drag Drills to get to the Outside Russian from no-cohesion.
- And 3 from inside an Over-Under Clinch, one uses a Rough & Tumble tool ["Knowledge is a circle, Simba!"] and one mighty sneaky way to snag it off of your opponent's "swim."

On the CATCH-JITSU side of things we'll:

- Demo one of the most common Top-Wristlock Escapes I encounter among wrestlers and then we'll offer two Counter-Tactics showing why it's a mighty unwise way to go. [Hint: If your escape involves a bridge or a free-arm shove you might be looking for trouble.]
- We'll then build on the Top-Wristlock Stalemates we offered on RAW 178 and show how to transition from submission to top position.
- We'll then get back into the offensive side of things and offer 5 follow-ups to a "failed" TWL/Americana.
- One of these follow-ups melds a tight Kimura from BJJ with an old-school wrestling shift to create a fearsome shoulder ripper.
- There you have it, 4 Pragmatic Sectors of old School Combat and 33 Tactics & Drills.

ESP RAW 179 can be had for the month of September 2017 for $32 (S & H included--Domestic & International) at the end of the month the price goes to $42 Domestic/$52 International.  (Of course, it's only $26.50 for the RAW Crew.)