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Omnibus Volume: Boxing/Rough & Tumble[Street]/Mat-Work
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Omnibus Volume: Boxing/Rough & Tumble[Street]/Mat-Work

On this Omnibus Volume:
•    On the ground side of things, we will cover the Primary Arm-Bar Escape in detail so we can address the number two winningest submission in grappling history with some confidence.
•    We then begin addressing the Cross-Body Top-Wristlock and its JJ correlate the Americana.
•    We will run thru several re-engineered variations of each and the where's and when's of applying them.
•    We'll take the muscle out of this class of submission and allow a mere shift of your leg to do all the work.
•    We'll look at the ¼ Position and discuss the High-Attack Stances and how to flow between them...
And the ¼ Position Defense Postures to create solid base and how to use the Elbow Roll to regain base intelligently.
On the Boxing side of things:
•    We'll have a look at the big bad rear-straight hand in boxing and go thru the 11 solid tactics that old-school sweet scientist have used to take the stink out of this powerful attack.
In the world of Frontier Rough & Tumble [i.e., street-ready]
•    We'll cover the Percussive Cup and how it was used to blow-out eardrums, kidneys, and the nether regions.
•    We'll cover how to "off-sides" with it to give it some uncomfortable power. [Once you get it, you may bank on this being your opening shot when the chips are down.]
•    We'll then hit 5 tactics for its use inside the various clinches for either street or the dirtiest grappling grudge match ever.
•    And we'll close with a couple of ground applications that remind us just why knowing a top-game is always to your benefit.
In all 18 Concepts and Drills for Grapplers [25 if you add the vicious Rough & Tumble meanness] and 22 pieces of bashing fun for strikers.
Those who have done the Combination Man math will have 40 new toys to play with.

ESP RAW 178 can be had for the month of August 2017 for $32 (S & H included--Domestic & International) at the end of the month the price goes to $42 Domestic/$52 International.  (Of course, it's only $26.50 for the RAW Crew.)