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The Tiger Man Arm-Bar & Catch-Grip Solutions Vol. 2/Frontier Rough & Tumble
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The Tiger Man Arm-Bar & Catch-Grip Solutions Vol. 2/Frontier Rough & Tumble


Each RAW will now be an omnibus volume-the same amount of old school ground, submissions, clinch, and leg dive work with the added bonus of each month covering vicious olden days nastiness including: Bare-knuckle punching, grounded-gouging, cupping, purring, Cajun-kicking, corking, scuffling chains, the Frontier Elbow Set including the powerful steam-donkeys, forking [you don't even want to know], crowning, eye-spooning, transitions from standing to ground, rising from ground to standing, the Clubbing Set to save those hands, and much more historical hurt.
* The 4 heaping handfuls of folks that have been exposed to even a sampling of this material have been mighty kind regarding its bare-bones no excuses "it ain't purty" effectiveness. If you're looking for kindness or subtlety, look elsewhere.
* Each RAW already comes with a printed syllabi for your training notebook, it will now include historical resources or references where appropriate for the deep-divers out there.
Onward and Upward Crew!
On this inugraul ominubgs volume:
On the grappling side of things we will
•    Break more Catch-Grips from the Cross-Body Arm-Bar with the Short-Arm-Scissors Series [5 Hooks] and busting the Genie-Block.
•    Start Hitting Cross-Body Arm Bar Escapes
•    Start Countering those Arm-Bar Escapes with Submission Chases that Hit the High percentage Escapes at Inception and then down each point in the Escape Process.
•    We wind up in Triangle Territory [6 Variations] and re-introduce the little used but oh, so useful False-Triangle.
On the Rough & Tumble side of things-
•    Think of the standard self-defense palm-heel strike.
•    Now conjure applications that take into account power, speed, and building follow-up Buzzsaw momentum.
•    I'm talking discrete applications that account for body position, terrain, vertical and horizontal plane applications; I'm talking frontal attacks, flank attacks, rising attacks, short-offense attacks, downed attacks...
•    Well, allow the drill set to start seating the unusual and wicked ideas of this old old school roughness. I just loooooooove this stuff and think hard-core combatives and street enthusiasts will, too.

27+ Tactics and Drills to fire up that primitive tank!

ESP RAW 177 can be had for the month of July 2017 for $32 (S & H included--Domestic & International) at the end of the month the price goes to $42 Domestic/$52 International.  (Of course, it's only $26.50 for the RAW Crew.)