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The Chopper Sequence, Part 1 & The Cross-Body 7-Point Hip-Check w/ Zone Isolation to Attacks
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The Chopper Sequence, Part 1 & The Cross-Body 7-Point Hip-Check w/ Zone Isolation to Attacks

That title is a mouthful, let's break it down.

We start out with some Old-School Boxing & Introducing the Chopper-Sequence where we begin cataloging all the power-shots from pugilism, frontier rough and tumble, and the early days of boxing and examine how they were thrown with maximum power and introduce a drill template to start building some of this old-school "chopping" force.

We begin The Chopper Examination with these 10 Bombs: The Falling-Step Jab, The Driving Rear-Straight, The Step-Across Rear-Straight, The Hammer Hook, The Slip-Hook, The Pivot-Hook, The Step-Across-Hook, The Rear-Overhand, The Stepping Rear-Overhand, & The Slip Lead-Uppercut.

Next, we head into some mighty technical but oh, so fundamental Wrestling.

We are introducing our go-to Top-Body Traveling Series.
•    Evenly matched fighters are going to spend more time in cross-body [and its concomitant travels] than mounted. [BTW-An extensive re-tooling of our Bottom-Scissors/Guard work both between the legs and on the back is on its way.]
•    We've got to maintain top position efficiently and effectively.
•    This means staying on top [of course], but it also means shutting down as much of your opponent's crafty bottom leg game as you can. WE'VE GOT TO CONTROL THE HIPS at all costs, Crew.
•    The 7-Point Hip-Check cures much of what ails the top travelling game and...
•    We begin using our travel to create submission quadrants, that is more than just "Far Arm Attack, Near-Arm Attack, Head/Neck Attack" etc.
•    We will begin to see the limbs available for attack in terms of their relative position, elevation, and how they relate to each of our 7-Point Hip-Check Travels.
If this sounds a bit confusing, once you get your feet wet with this volume I think the light-bulb will flick on.

Once we get the travel under our belt with both solo and partner drills we will begin our first Quadrant Isolation Attack Series with a Far-Arm Collar-Tie Chain.
•    We'll discuss How to switch from Step-1 to a Harness Grip.
•    How to intelligently move to Knee-Ride [See the Video Clip for details here.]
•    How to Un-Loop so you can keep the opponent's arm right where you want it.
•    How to apply a Neck-Pinch Spur.
•    How to switch to a Sleeper-Grip Double-Wrist-Lock, a transition so simple I'm embarrassed to have not added it to the attack roster years earlier.
•    We begin examining how to beat "Catch-Grips" for blocked arm-bars, our primary solution will be a High-Crotch Short-Arm. I'm now a firm believer, if you don't add the high-crotch, then just skip the short-arm.
•    Next, we'll introduce a Short-Arm beat with both a solo and partner drill. There is a roll-out yes, but...there is a simple shift in hand-position that will put the escape odds on your side. Skip the hand-position switch and you may have only half an escape.
•    And we'll end with a simple elevator placement that tests if your escaping opponent knew the hand-position hack or not. If not, the tap will still be in your hands.
Tooons of technical material on this one, Crew! I love it, love it love!

ESP RAW 175 can be had for the month of May 2017 for $32 (S & H included--Domestic & International) at the end of the month the price goes to $42 Domestic/$52 International.  (Of course, it's only $26.50 for the RAW Crew.)