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Bob & Weave Drills/Front Headlocks & Combat Cradles/Cross-Body Escapes
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Bob & Weave Drills/Front Headlocks & Combat Cradles/Cross-Body Escapes

This RAW covers all three primary aspects of The Combination Man Curriculum: Old School Boxing, All-In Wrestling, & Catch-Jitsu for our back-familiarity and counter JJ game.

In the Boxing Section we will cover 8 Drills to building a smooth Bob & Weave. [3 solo & 5 partner drills.]

In the All-In Wrestling Unit we emphasize the Snap to Front Headlock as an aggressive entry of attack, breakdowns, and go-behinds.
•    We will run the drills from Short-Offense but they transfer to the on-the-feet game immediately.
•    We'll cover why the Front Headlock is not merely an Arm-In Guillotine and why it is a mistake to think of it that way.
•    Gable-Dragging to steal base.
•    Making the Arm-Transfer smooth and mighty uncomfortable.
•    How to flow into the Near-Ankle Head-Spear.
•    Combat Cradles and why pinning cradles have little value for the submission game.
•    How to hit Blind Over-leg Rides.
•    The crying pain that is the Cradle Crunch. [If this tap ain't in your go-to arsenal, it ought to be.]
•    Head-Lift Breakdowns vs. Down-Range Ankles.
•    Home Plate Rolling Cradles vs. an Opponent who gains High-Base.
•    12 Drills in all in the All-In section.
In the Catch-Jitsu section we begin our journey to beating being caught underneath a HEAVY Cross-Body Ride with 4 Drills to Build your Primary [and easiest] escape The 3-Way Bump. We'll hit 3 Solo Drills & 1 Partner drill to build the "air" and one-stop footwork.

24 Drills and Tactics in the 3 Primary Battlegrounds of the Combination Man Attack.

ESP RAW 173 can be had for the month of March 2017 for $32 (S & H included--Domestic & International) at the end of the month the price goes to $42 Domestic/$52 International.  (Of course, it's only $26.50 for the RAW Crew.)