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Catch-Jitsu Go-Behinds, Drops, & Immediate Arm-Bars
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Catch-Jitsu Go-Behinds, Drops, & Immediate Arm-Bars

More brand-new re-tooled grist from The Legacy Program Mill.
This volume will run a vertical to ground to submission drill-set to fast-track your grappling skills.

Among the Tactics & Drills Covered
•    The Wipe-to-Arm-Drag-to-Go-Behind
•    Two Keys to a Solid Go-Behind Body-Lock: the Hip-Shelf & the Aggressive Stethoscope.
•    Why the Rear Trip should be the 1st take down you learn [not the double-leg] and why it is still a Top 3 Go-To for those at the top of their game.
•    3 Solo Drills to Hone your Rear Trip.
•    A Discussion of "Squat-Mounting" & Pommel Arms Bars and the "Cranium is the Boundary."
•    3 Solo Drills to Build your Arm-Bar.
•    The 4 Arm-Bar Grip Set-Ups: The "Look-Away", the Face-Post, the "Cow-Bite" and the DWL.
•    The 6 Arm-Bar Fundamentals.
•    The Vertical to Tap Blend.
•    Building a Shrug to an Outside Russian Tie and how to Dog-Leash that Tie to kill your opponent's movement.
•    Vertical to Tap Blends using the Shrug.
•    The Drop-Duck-Under and the Effortless get-Up.
•    Vertical to Tap Blends using the Drop Duck-Under.
A total of 30 Drills, Tactics, and Strategic Blends.

ESP RAW 171 can be had the month of January 2017 for $32 (S & H included--Domestic & International) at the end of the month the price goes to $42 Domestic/$52 International.  (Of course, it's only $26.50 for the RAW Crew.)