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RAW 160

Hammer Hooks, Whip Hooks, & Crunch Hooks
Beating the Double Wristlock (DWL)/Kimura
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Hammer Hooks, Whip Hooks, & Crunch Hooks
Beating the Double Wristlock (DWL)/Kimura

This is a Combination Man/Combination Woman two-fer. We've got some sneaky old school boxing and wicked wrestling meanness to toss your way.

First, let's unleash the beast that is the Lead Hook, your go-to power bomb off of the lead side.

We'll cover the 3 ways to throw H-A-R-D F-A-S-T lead hooks.

The Hammer Hook used by sluggers the world over, the Whip Hook which is a beautiful development for some lighter weight classes, and the wickedly beautiful unusual mechanics of Brazilian Champ Eder Jofre's Crunch Hook.

Put all three of these tools in your lead hand and you've got the start of a wrecking machine!

As for our wrasslin' portion of the program, if you been wondering why we've been emphasizing the Reverse Lever over the Double Wristlock (DWL)/Kumura? [And if you don't know how to hit the Reverse Lever yet, jump aboard the RAW crew and it will be your new BFF.]

Well, for one, the Reverse Lever is so TIGHT, you just gotta love it, but for two the DWL is easily countered. It is for this reason we won't do video clips of the escape material, we must keep some secrets for the RAW crew.

We'll cover the 4 Principles of Beating the DWL, and then proceed to see how they apply in so easy it's nuts variations all over the body.

We'll cover the standard beat for the standing DWL, the Rear Body-Lock DWL that the formidable Renzo Gracie lost his elbow to in his classic match vs. the great Sakuraba.

We'll hit the mat where it really matters and bust that Cross-Body DWL easy as pie, bust up 2 versions of Dorsal DWLs, knock it off inside 1/2 guard, and smoke it in the bottom scissors (guard) position.

Again, no video clips of this stuff as I must remain true to my crew (we will hit it at The Western Warrior Boot Camp). I will give a hint, the Reverse Lever is still involved, but not the way you think.

It's a mind-blower and stupidly simple.  

This volume (as with all volumes of RAW) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.