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Crew, Me and the Missus are gonna grab some R&R down Gulf Way starting on the 3rd. We’ll get RAWs out currently through the 2nd and upon our return I’ll get pending volumes out asap. Thanks for your patience.

RAW 158


The Throat-Cutter Sprawl & The Double-Tap Arm-Bar w/ Catch-Grip Counters
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Oh, this is a good RAW volume, Crew. It serves 4 Tactical Purposes-Read on for malicious fun:
•    We open with a re-engineered sprawl we have dubbed The Throat-Cutter. We'll hit the details of the how's and why's of this adjustment and most importantly how to use it to read which deep submission chain to run with.
•    If your opponent gives you Reaction #1 you hit him with a 4-Deep Neck Crank Series with an Arm-Bar Chaser.
•    If your opponent gives you Reaction #2 we will rip that arm off and beat him with the wet end. [Not really, but it will feel like it.]
•    We are going to re-tweak your Short-Arm Bar with 4 Tactical Details: The Snug, The Lift, The Stretch, & the Rolling Grip. These will put a new meaning in bye-bye arm.
•    We will then tweak the Full-Arm Bar with 3 of the 4 Tactical Tweaks that will move us into a very subtle and practically always there move we call The Shoulder Shift (some around here call it The Double Tap Arm-Bar as you will feel broken in two places at once.)
•    Next we run into a pragmatic vocabulary vs. Catch-Grips meant to stop your arm-bar, but I will say if you tighten the aforementioned Tactical Tweaks seldom will you have to run to Catch-Beats, but we include them all the same as fights are always unpredictable animals.
Neck Cranks, Defensive Sprawls right into offense, a whole new level of arm bar pain, what's not to love?

This volume (as with all volumes of RAW) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.