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Crew, Me and the Missus are gonna grab some R&R down Gulf Way starting on the 3rd. We’ll get RAWs out currently through the 2nd and upon our return I’ll get pending volumes out asap. Thanks for your patience.

RAW 157

The High-Crotch Single Part 1: Entries, Ground & Pound, & Submissions
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OK Crew, we've been building that base via separating skills and now it's time to start tying them all together into one vicious package. On this volume we will take one take-down that is a bit under-utilized in MMA and open up its horizons :

  • We open with the mechanics of the High-Crotch Single and why it might need to be a bigger part of your game than the ubiquitous double-leg.
  • We show an easy drop that utilizes foot-sticking rather than any lift that will run you into guillotine trouble.
  • Of course take-downs are no good if you can't set them up, so remember all that Dominant Angle work we've done? Well we hit 4 Tactics to get right in that back-pocket where you need to be--
  • We'll start with a base Slap & Catch Entry, then apply ways to un-weave the clinch to get to where you need to be and then...
  • All that boxing work we did on RAW 156 will payoff as we slam right into the drop out of a Bob Fitzsimmons special.
  • Once we get the drop we need to have a plan in place-well how about 15 plans?
  • We'll open with 2 secondary moves post-take-down that nullifies the potential guard threat [Step-Aways, Crooks Hooks, & Thigh Crams.]
  • We then glide into a Near-Side Knee-Ride Series that should appeal to both ground and pound finishers and submission artists.
  • Submission players will like even more theFar-Side Knee-Ride and 3 sneaky collapsed hooks that come out of this. [I'd be a liar if I didn't say that the Reverse Lever was one of them.]
  • Next we'll hit a Knee-Ride Slice for those who don't trust high-riding.
  • And as the icing on the cake-the last drill sets us up for RAW 158 where we turn this into Leg Lock Lollapalooza.

Man, I love this volume! We're finally getting out of the basics weeds into the mean, mean, meanness of the old school combination masters-what's not to love?

This volume (as with all volumes of RAW) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.