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Crew, Me and the Missus are gonna grab some R&R down Gulf Way starting on the 3rd. We’ll get RAWs out currently through the 2nd and upon our return I’ll get pending volumes out asap. Thanks for your patience.

RAW 155

Integrated Curriculum Vol. 6
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Integrated Curriculum Vol. 6

The 6th of the improved format includes:

  • 20-GPP Combat Specific Conditioning Challenges.
  • We will be using the 6-Tiered MAX O2 Package introduced on RAW 153 on a daily basis to build Maximum Fuel Tanks.
  • We add daily All-Round Strength & General Power Training, Combat Somatotrophics, & Fight Specific Agility Drills to maximize our conditioning time.
  • Among the fun challenges: Lots of bridge work, agility rolls, bob & weave rope drills, and speed sprawl/pop-up & sprint circuits.
  • This volume also has 16 Boxing Drills our focus on this volume is building immediate counter-punching off of using the Snap-Back as a Defense.
  • We also start using that combat arm drag to set up our double leg series.
  • We'll cover how to react if your combat drag is resisted High or Low and which version of the Double-Leg to bang for each contingency.
  • Just as important as your double-leg is how you hit the mat post-double. Do it right and you can avoid a lot of bottoms scissors headaches. We'll hit two drilling options here with the Sprint & Fling.
  • We also hit 10 Mat-Work Drills to build facility with the very fluid Cockle-Burr Ride.
  • We'll discuss using the Butterfly Pin to keep your opponent flat.
  • Using the Dig & Power Half to create Hook and Neck Exposure.
  • Setting up a slamming home the Rip-Out Double Wrist-Lock (DWL).
  • Two ways to Cram a DWL Hold-Out.
  • We'll hit a so evil it should be illegal Reverse Lever Cross-Face.
  • And as icing on the cake use a non-travelling cross-face for a tap that requires almost zero-effort.
  • As a bonus-we'll hit how to use that Dig we've been wearing out to open up an ocean of possibilities that lead to beaucoup arm/shoulder/neck & spine locks.

Man, I love this volume! We're finally getting out of the basics weeds into the mean, mean, meanness of the old school combination masters-what's not to love?

This volume (as with all volumes of RAW) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.