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RAW 143

ESP RAW 143: CMC #20
BOXING + Pt. 4
Defending/Destroying Low-Line Attacks

[Important: This volume assumes that you have drilled and understood RAW 139 & 140 as it builds on and blends new drills onto these templates.]
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Important: This volume assumes that you have drilled and understood RAW 139, 140, 141, & 142 as it builds on and blends new drills onto these templates.
Important #2: This is an all-striking volume.
We continue building our progressive, comprehensive alive MMA Focus Mitt System with this volume. Contents include...
•    An overview of the Root Combination.
•    A review of the 4 Compass Points of movement.
•    Next we start tacking on the new material--we'll start out with How to use the Hip Fade to evade knees.
•    Next we'll use 2 drills to use the Hip-Fade to "spike" (destroy) incoming knee attacks.
•    Once the Hip-Fade skill is seated we'll add a Stance-Shift for when greater evasion distance is required then we'll add 2 more "spikes" versus incoming fire.
•    Once the "spikes" have been set we'll then introduce 4 drills to "pat" the incoming knees to take the offender off-base for off-line follow-ups without you ever having to take a step.
•    Then 4 more Drills using the Jam to stop that knee in its tracks with little effort.
•    Next we move into evading and destroying the leg kick.
•    First we discuss the Pendulum Step that can allow you to move past the valuable but painful use of kick-checking.
•    We then hit 3 Spiking Drills vs. the Leg Kick. [Please train these with TLC, you can do some serious damage here, crew.]
•    We'll drill a quick follow-up to a mis-timed Inside Kick defense (hey, it happens).
•    And then hit 2 drills to train the Sunday Punch as Kick Jam. (Think Nate Marquardt's 21 second KO of the formidable Demian Maia and you're on the right page).
•    We'll close with 2 Drills to defend/evade the little used (but up and coming) oblique kick.
•    25 Drill Add-Ons in all (100 when you run the Compass Points) dovetailed into your offensive boxing on the move game, that is every drill is alive and on the move, add to that defenses/destructions to take a lot of the fear out of facing the low-line attacks with a "mere" boxing arsenal.

We've been working on this Focus Mitt Matrix for some time and I appreciate all the kind words so far from those who have consumed and used the 1st 4 volumes beginning on RAW 139.
By the time you work all of these thru the drills you should be far smoother, far snappier, and most of all in good balance at all times whether throwing or defending against punches, elbows, or takedowns.
This volume (as with all volumes of RAW) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.
ESP RAW 143 can be had in September 2014 for $32 (S & H included--Domestic & International) at the end of the month the price goes to $42 Domestic/$52 International. [Of course, it's only $26.50 for the RAW Crew.]