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RAW 138

ESP RAW 138: CMC #15
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ESP RAW 138: CMC #15
Now that we've been building our wrestling scramble base with prior Combination Man Volumes, let's spend a few RAW units building some pragmatic submission offense and defense chains.
First, what's that C4C Chain all about?
In the past when we've chained submissions we've emphasized only the offensive flow, in theC4C Method we now advocate (that's stands for Counter 4 Counter, btw) every single offensive link is followed by a pragmatic high-percentage defensive link.
Working in this manner no matter which link you are working in the chain both drillees are gaining some valuable skill & drill time.
Working this way will set hundreds of reps at the top end of the C4C Chain making motion second nature, and working forward builds tight flow and new intellectual/physical challenges to come to keep us cognitively engaged.
On this volume we micro-manage the Top Saddle/Mounted Position and attack one response the Bench Press or Flail and guess what, as you wrestlers would expect there is not one pommel-horse arm bar to be found--why take your crushing weight off of your man, right?
What you might not expect, not one straight-forward Top Wrist lock (TWL) attack. Folks are too slick and strong now to accept standard TWLs. With that in mind we introduce theConstrictor Set-Up (which we will use throughout the Bench Press Unit to get to where we're going.)
The Constrictor puts the opponent's shoulder into jeopardy from the get-go and it's not even the sub yet.
•    After we break down the Constrictor we'll move into how to step-grip switch-off into a Switch-Over TWL.
•    From there we'll educate the Hip-Post Bridge to counter--not a Hip Buck but a bondafide bridge.
•    Move on to a Hop-Off TWL vs. a Bridge..
•    Then the Skull-Block Defense...
•    Then the Dog-Leash Snap-over to...
You get the idea. We will stick with this micro-management of position so we never leave our opponent without pressure while we follow theC4C protocol so you are one tight offensive and defensive machine building this C4C chain 26 movements deep. (Think DWLs, Dorsals, Combat Cradles, Key-Locks, Pit Bull Wags, & Figure-4 Neck-Breakers and you're on the right track.)
We've had a lot of fun taking subs back to the laboratory and I think you'll be appreciative of the malicious results.
This volume (as with all volumes of RAW) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.