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ESP RAW 137:
No Second Chance (NSC) #1. WEAPONS ACCESS VOL. 1
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ESP RAW 137: No Second Chance (NSC) #1. WEAPONS ACCESS VOL. 1
With this unit we seek to make any and all personal protection devices not mere wardrobe accessories but 1st nature tools you can access under any and all conditions. We begin this journey by:
•    Breaking our fundamental movement down into slo-mo access and presentation drills all conducted under dry-fire conditions.
•    We provide drills for firearm, tactical folder, and collapsible baton. (The tactical folder drills can be adapted to fixed blade.)
•    These drills will not ask you to modify any of your current weapons training, that is, it doesn't matter if you fire from a Weaver stance, Chapman stance, Isosceles, Tactical, or any and all variations thereof. We use these drills to take what you already do use and hone that stance, movement, access point into your own personal base so that you have no need to label your stance, blade position, what have you. We want your movement to be all yours and not an imitation.
•    The syllabus is separated into sections for each weapon so that you can jump to the one(s) you carry and skip those you do not.
•    The drills do not depend on what you carry, they are designed to take what you do carry and evolve it to the best access and presentation for your own idiosyncratic movement.
•    All we ask is that If you carry it, or wear it--Drill it!
We open with the two common denominators for all carry weapons...
1.    The Grip: If this is poorly placed upon 1st contact with the weapon it will go to hell upon presentation when stress hits.
2.    The Pivot: We will emphasize moving your body to and around your weapon and not you "placing" your weapon.
Next we will discuss the 5 Compass Points we will use to execute the drills. I emphasize drilling all 5 Compass Points as stress plus centrifugal inertia can alter our weapon presentation.
The firearm access drills (210 in all) will include:
•    Full Presentation Primary Hand with Secondary Hand drills.
•    Strong Hand only to Full Presentation drills.
•    Primary to Secondary Hand Switching drills.
•    Secondary Hand only drills for when the Primary is out of commission.
•    We also drill Tight Presentation or the Chest Clutch for rapid CQB scenarios.
•    Drills for the Speed Rock or From Presentation.
•    Drills for the Secondary Hip Brace (Revolvers only.)
•    Once the preceding drills are down pat, we put them on the move to find what additional inertial forces and/or footwork modifications may need to be made to get our form down perfect.
We take the same painstaking approach with the Tactical Folder and Collapsible Baton each of these racking up 64 drills each.
This volume, as with all RAW Volumes, comes with a printed syllabus for easy inclusion in your training notebook. This syllabus is 5 pages in length and includes every drill in their prescribed order.