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ESP RAW 136:
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[We will take the our Weighting & The Rule of Palms lessons from RAW 127 and start putting them through their paces here.]
We are going to take the most common clinch position: The Neutral or Stalemate and drill the primary throws that can be made here that call for no back exposure(that is, no hip, headlock, mares, or arm spins--not yet). These are defensively safe, high-speed offensive options geared for Neutral Position.
Here's the content breakdown:
·    We'll make sure we all understand the 3 Contact-Control Points which will go a long way towards diagnosing if/when a drop goes wrong and how to fix it.
·    We'll also hammer home The Steering Wheel concept and why shallow turning is a common error.
·    We'll introduce The 6 Primary Over-Hook Side Drops in isolation (Heel Freeze, Knee Sweep, Foot Sweep, Swiss Drop, Cross-Heel, and the Cross-Knee Tap].
Working these in isolation is ideal to build precision in technique, but these will never occur in these pristine circumstances, so...
·    We'll show how to drill all six primaries off of an initiation or transition.
·    Then we'll take a close-look at how to perfect your Step-Up which is often the demarcating line between merely pummeling and "Oh, now I get it!"
·    We then drill the 6 Primaries off of a Step-Up which will push your finesse factor through the roof and compensate for the reality that your opponent will be "hiding" his hips.
·    We'll then use the Step-Up to Create a Body-Lock that originates from the feet as opposed to the arms (a common error).
·    We'll discuss how to un-root from here and how to use the un-root to get your back off of the cage.
·    We'll hit two modified Twisting Body-Locks that will allow you to avoid "pulling your opponent into a mounted position on top of you." [If I had a buck for every time I've seen that error.]
·    We'll show you how to drill the 6 Primaries in a Locked Position.
·    Then drill 2 Bonus Drops, one to combat deeply hidden hips, and the other a sneaky un-root from the step-up.
These drills are best performed with a live opponent, but, in a pinch, a throwing dummy will suffice.
This volume, as with all RAW Volumes, comes with a printed syllabus for easy inclusion in your training notebook.
(Hang on to these syllabi because at some point in the Combination Man Curriculum run we will supplement and key these syllabi to a Master Text for easy Drill & Technique search).