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RAW 134

ESP RAW 134:
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This is the 12th volume in our continuing Combination Man Curriculum (CMC). It is a stand-alone volume-all future Guard Passing RAW Volumes will point to this volume as a prerequisite.
DISCLOSURE: There is not one submission or strike on this volume. It is all nit-picky detailed keeping your fat out of the fire instruction.
There are three primary concerns when being "caught" inside the bottom scissors/guard of your opponent:
1.    Being broken down.
2.    Being swept.
3.    Being submitted.
The third danger is usually predicated on the fact that your opponent has performed one of the first two goals.
The target of RAW 134 is two-fold, killing dangers 1 & 2 so we have no fear of #3. In a later volume we will cover the "Ooops, I did caught in this bottom sub, how do get out before I blackout?" Here we focus on having optimum defensive position inside the legs so we don't have to reach deep into our counter well.
Here are the contents in depth:
We take great pains to build your inside the legs defensive stance and break the body in two.
•    First, we'll work from the waist down and discuss hip-driving, and even proper toe positioning (Yeah, we'll be that nit-picky on this one).
•    We'll emphasize knee walking to keep "plastered" so your opponent is always carrying your weight.
•    We'll provide an easy point of reference on your opponent's body so that one look at this and where your own knees are in relation to this point you'll know if you are tight or sweep vulnerable.
•    Next we'll tweak our posture from the hips-up with the main thrust being how to build the Twist & Lock that serves a twofold purpose: 1) Pins your opponent's hips to the mat 2) Kills arm bar gambits. It also has the nice added bonus of being a "muscle-free" movement where you use your body to stack the weight and not the arms although they will appear to be doing the work.
•    Next we'll cover 4 Keys to Resisting Breakdowns, after all you've built that base there's no reason to give it up.
•    If you have been broken down we'll hit the 4 Primary Tactics to Return to Base. (The Chop & Shrug vs. Head Control is worth the price of admission in my opinion).
As I said, the purpose of this volume is twofold-we've been defensive to this point, now let's go offensive.
•    We'll breakdown the mechanics of The Elbow Split and how to find "tender meat." (Trust me, it's horrible and the analogy I use on the DVD may not be child appropriate-sorry about that).
•    Then we'll build on our Elbow Spike with Elbow Riding where we allow our opponent's pressure to dictate our leg of passage.
•    Once your opponent has self-selected their own leg of passage we will go into meticulous detail on 5 Passes.
•    Please follow all steps on the passes, the best back players are crafty as hell, your job with all on this volume is to remove as much crafty opportunity as possible.  
This is volume, as with all RAW Volumes comes with a printed syllabus for easy inclusion in your training notebook.
(Hang on to these syllabi because at some point in the Combination Man Curriculum run we will supplement and key these syllabi to a Master Text for easy Drill & Technique search).