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RAW 132

ESP RAW 132:
(CMC 10) PARASITICAL TAKEDOWNS 1--Owning Your Opponent's Double-Leg Dive
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ESP RAW 132: (CMC 10) PARASITICAL TAKEDOWNS 1--Owning Your Opponent's Double-Leg Dive
Once you have used the Parasite Strategy you will decide for yourself whether to use the Get-Up Tactics that are demonstrated here (ideal for the Street or Striking-dominant MMA player) or use the Sprawl + Tactics to keep the game on the mat now that your opponent has done all the hard work for you.
The 1st section deals with Parasite Fundamentals & Street Applications:
• Riding vs. Shooting
• The No-Post Hands Rule--Mid-Shot
• The Sprawl & Hip Attack Rule
• The Always Post Hands Rule
• Where to Post (Only 2 Points of Contact, place your hands anywhere else and it's a waste of energy).
• How to get up without being re-shot from the mat.

The 2nd Section assumes you desire or must keep the game on the mat.
• How to Go-Behind from a Sprawl without getting turned. (Don't use the Head-Snap Turns, Crew--We're too deep in the case of a Sprawl).
• How to move from the Post to the Punch-Cross-Face to keep your legs free.

We are going to KISS it at this point (Keep It Simple Stupid) and use that Punch-Cross-Face to become our Go-To Go-Behind from the Sprawl. But (assuming our opponent has not guard flopped) the work begins. We've got to break-them down without sacrificing base with a premature Hooks-In Ride. Nothing worse than being shaken off when you had the top ride.
• We'll hit 5 Tiered Breakdowns that run in a Pragmatic order from Head-To-Toe. You simply follow the Ladder Rungs at each stage of your opponent's potential defense until you hit the Jackpot Breakdown.
• Each of these Breakdown runs into the same 1-2 Top-Side Submission Combo (One sub is a Neck-Breaker for the Street Practitioner and the other is a Choke for our gentle sport brethren).

Next we've got to deal with the potential for our Punch-Cross-Face to not come off as clean as we'd like so we'll run a couple of fixers:
• A Cross-Face & Bar Arm that leads to a 4-Deep Arm-Lock Combination.
• And if we lose that Cross-Face completely we false attack the legs to set-up a Combat Cradle to a Leg-Pass Spine Kink (after the Reverse Lever this is my own personal favorite sub).

Once you've run these drills thru paces you'll be saving yourself some takedowns energy and be baiting your legs left and right.
This is volume, as with all RAW Volumes comes with a printed syllabus for easy inclusion in your training notebook.
(Hang on to these syllabi because at some point in the Combination Man Curriculum run we will supplement and key these syllabi to a Master Text for easy Drill & Technique search).