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DVD - COMBINATION MAN CURRICULUM (CMC) VOLUME 4: Top Arm Isolation: The Essentials
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Here we are at volume 3 in the Combination Man Curriculum (CMC) and for those who have wondered where have all the submissions gone?  Well, here's your answer--right here.  With that said, this volume is all about drilling to create hooking opportunities and then presenting two handfuls of hooks (in order of utility for those results chasers out there).  Contents include: Exact specifications of the Arm Crowd position--and how to isolate any top-arm opportunity presented whether is be off of a throw, cross-body,  or top saddle position transition.  We'll drill how to use the body to secure the limb before we use the hands.  Once the body is up-to-speed we will use one grip to set up all of the following subs to keep your cognitive load light and efficient.  We will also present the Head-On Drill that forces you to not be choosy about your attack.  In other words, after you drill for ambidexterity the Head-On Drill will force ambidexterity so you'll be smooth on either side.  The Head-On Drill also educates pressure and spin control so we get a nice multi-tasking tool out of this one.  Next, we hit the bread and butter Spinning Double Wrist Lock and how to glide into the hook rather than riding and then tapping--why do two jobs when you can get them both done with one movement?  We'll drill instantaneous Keylock transition...We'll provide some concerns about Dorsal Locking and then provide a Head-Scissors tweak that removes those concerns...We'll then drill the subtle and seemingly forgotten Pop-Over Hammer Lock.  (It's one of those, "Are you kidding me, that's available from this position?" moves.)  We'll then drill three varieties of Short-Arm Bars that should provide comfort in over-rotation scenarios.  Each tool is presented in isolation for technical perfection and then run through the Head-On Drill so you can adjust for chaos.  This volume, as will all of our RAW material, comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.  (Hang on to these syllabi because at some point in the Combination Man Curriculum run, we will supplement and key these syllabi to a Master Text for easy Drill & Technique search.)