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We use this volume to build a drill-set that you can use for any out-range shooting vocabulary--that is, shots that assume you have touch/jab range but no form of clinch available.  The Drill-Sets are not Shot-Dependent, in other words, your can shoot a double, a single (high or low), heel pick, whatever, the drills will simply allow you better and more efficient penetration.  We start by discussing how to prepare the hips for nose-on targeting.  We then discuss "elastic loading" vs. "power take-offs" in the use of the back-step and which of these provides more speed.  We'll demonstrate proper entry trajectory and how to use a loaded barbell to correct penetration errors ASAP.  We'll then demonstrate optimum set-up footwork for match-stance shooting.  Next, we'll demonstrate why you must alter your penetration work for unmatched lead shooting or you risk poor loading and/or decreased follow-up (second moves) capability.  We will then cover how to properly use Feint or Jab Footwork to alter the usual nose-on attack lines.  This section will provide greater variety, more power and tougher to defend angles.  The "rear silhouette" demonstration should give you a quick visual reference to make sure that your footwork falls into place.  Again, these drills can be applied to all lower-body and upper-body shots and we use a variety of shots to emphasize this point.  This volume, as with all of our RAW material, comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.