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In this striking-only volume of RAW we'll lay-out a plan as to how to get your offensive-defensive striking rolling from Day 1.  One of the biggest hurdles in striking training is how to transfers skills honed on the bag, on the pads, in front of the mirror, and in passive partner drills to actual pragmatic effectiveness in the ring or cage.  Often we see athletes who look good in all versions of the above drills look like hamstrung, clumsy versions of themselves when live-sparring turns the heat up.  (We'll cover more of why this might be in an upcoming Legends article, and why a few longtime training methods may actually be causing this.)  This volume of RAW introduces the concept of Combination Ladders (we will illustrate via boxing but the Drills hold for all striking sports.)  In essence, Combination Ladders force you to focus on each link of a striking combination so that no individual element is given short-shrift.  We've been big adherents of this method for a while, but ...there was still something lacking.  I still wasn't a fan of the quality of transfer to live-fire.  We've now got that licked.  We will take the Combination Ladder through Four Forms that by the end of the drilling process gets you to free-form live-fire conditions and better able to transfer drilled skills to the environment where they will do you the most good.  We will use a single example combination to run through the aforementioned Four Forms: 1) THE BUILD 2) THE FLIP 3) THE OFFENSIVE SHUFFLE 4) THE DEFENSIVE SHUFFLE.  The crux of the forms is, yes, their adherence to live-fire principles, but perhaps more importantly, how we can now kill a bit of the predictability of a predictable drill.  (Paradoxical I know, but you'll know what I mean when you hit the drills and feel the odd flutter of the unfamiliar as you re-seat old-skills.)  We provide the usual printed syllabus with this volume and a Top 20 Boxing Combinations List to put the pedal to the metal, but in addition, to really get you deep into this process we will also throw an advance chapter from our upcoming book on Counter-Boxing that I feel will add more grist for the mill to get you fast-tracked to pragmatic striking prowess.