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(Full Disclosure: This volume is intended for the intermediate to advanced grappler.)  Once we've left the beginning stages of clinch work-pummeling, and basic tie-up stalls--it's time to expand that vocabulary with material that more closely reflects how the game will actually be played and not merely drilled.  This volume of RAW starts toeing you into those deeper waters.  We will cover: The 2 ways to control with a single-under-hook (Head in Pocket & Head-Post) and the details of head and hand placement that will block your opponents' defending shots.  (Ignore these details and you will go down.)  BTW-We will show you the "ear fold" method of head-control, a subtle and admittedly jerky way to play the game--but it does work mighty well.  We cover how to bull-ride both versions of the single-under-hook.  We introduce 2 competitive Drills/Games that allow athletes to hone offensive Under-Hook work and earn points to let you know how well (or not well) you are doing.  Once we can ride both single under-hooks like nobody's business it's time to start talking about set-ups and under-hook placement because, let's face it, nobody but a rookie hands this position to you.  We'll start with the Head-Pull, which as you'll see demonstrated isn't so much a pull as a percussive shock to open our attack line.  (BTW-It's legal.)  Next, we'll use a Cross-Elbow Tap to enter position--again, we'll show you how to be percussive with this Tap so your opponents are a bit gun-shy about even initiating or maintain tie-ups.  Next, we'll use  a deceptive long-range entry called an Under-Hook Punch.  You can use this either as a striking entry or a grappling entry.  We'll go into details about the odd corkscrew instigation so that once you try it and get the nervy opening from your opponent you'll be glad we spent the time on it.  We'll then discuss leg fakes to placement and then get on to...Head-Capturing.  This is a primary goal of single-under-hook placement.  We're assuming your opponent is too good to attack the head from the get-go--well, now that we've got our under-hook let's look at how to capture that head and while we're there...Hit 3 quick submissions to exploit our capture position.  If we are unable to gain head capture position we still need ways to be offensive so we'll close out with 2 nasty drops--a Slapping Slide-By and a good hard Knee Pick Drop--both of these depend on you building your Receiving Arm skills, we'll get you there ASAP.  This volume will help move your clinch/entry game from the same-o, same-o to a harder, more aggressive strategy that folks will not relish tangling with.   This DVD comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.